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 Builder Liaison Services

Many builders do not have the staff nor the desire to hold the hands of their customers through the difficult task of building a custom home, or customizing a spec home.

The myriad of decisions that need to be made in a timely fashion so as not to impede the building process is enormous.
Some customers are experienced and sail through the process.
However, most customers typically are overwhelmed and inexperienced. Making decisions and knowing which decisions
 to make in what order are critical.
The builder needs to be managing the crews and tending to the important task of developing or building not sitting in an office while the customer makes a decision about the roof color.
Laurie offers unique service designed with the builder in mind.
Our Liaison Service allows the builder to focus on what the builder does best—construction—while we guide the customer through the process.
We work with the customer and predetermined builder vendors and subcontractors  in the selection of exterior as well as interior specifications such as roof color, brick tones, flooring, paint selections, moldings, doors styles, cabinetry  etc.
All the various decision points are covered in an orderly fashion ,
documented in writing and forwarded to the builder to ensure a smooth
 and timely project completion.
Our focus with the customer will enhance the experience and allow the builder to complete projects sooner and with
ease of communication with his client.
Laurie works with the customer under the builder’s name so that the customer sees her as part of your team.
The builder is offering the client a professional interior designer, a service that they may otherwise need to pay for themselves.